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Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect 2021-22 is a Course

Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect 2021-22



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Many types of people work with children and can be engaged in child abuse prevention efforts. These individuals can include teachers and other school professionals, health care professionals, counselors, day care providers, advocates, sports coaches, and employees of community agencies. They may have varying levels of familiarity with child sexual abuse, child development, and other topics important to abuse prevention. Because of their interactions with children and parents, these individuals are often able to provide support, notice warning signs of abuse, and intervene if abuse is suspected.

This course teaches adults who work with youth how to protect the children in their lives from child abuse, how to recognize signs that abuse is occurring and take steps to stop it, how to receive disclosures of child abuse, and who disclosures or concerns should be reported to.

This training should be completed before an employee begins work.

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